Geek Revolution Radio #171 – Game of Thrones…So Far

It has been a wild ride in just 5 episodes.  Game of Thrones season 7 is back, and they aren’t messing around.  With each episode full of action, and no filler, there is much to be excited about.  On this week’s episode, the guys discuss the new season of Game of Thrones…So Far.

Game of Thrones


Part 1 – The Joys of Potty Training

The guys started out the show talking about about what’s new in their life.  Will talked about the struggles he’s facing while trying to potty train twin toddlers.  Oh the joys of adulthood… or more specifically, parenthood.

Part 2 – Game of Thrones…so far

As part of the main conversation about Game of Thrones, Ryan posed a question to Will:  Is Cersei a great leader from the eyes of a citizen of King’s Landing?  This lead to a discussion where as a fan of the show, and an outside observer, can you objectively see Cersei in a different light.

The guys also looked at the growing relationship between Daenerys and John Snow.  It is pretty clear they have something going on, but in a world wear brother and sister can hook up, does aunt and nephew seem too weird.  This is definitely uncharted territory for most fiction we discuss on the show, but in the world of Game of Thrones, might not seem to weird.

With so many plots, and so many lines that need to connect, this season has been an intense ride.  We finally see some of the things fans have been craving.  Daenerys looks masterful on a dragon, and John Snow looks like the leader we hope that can avoid the fate that so many other characters have faced on this show.

In a few weeks, when the season is over, we’ll have a final recap of the last two episodes.


So what are your thoughts of the new season of Game of Thrones?  Is this the best so far?  Get into conversation at

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Hosts: Will Hatton and Ryan Bennett

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