Geek Revolution Radio #148 – Suicide Squad

Can a team of villains and miscreants get the job done?  When the world needs saving, can a group of bad guys get the job done?  Suicide Squad is the focus for this weeks episode.  We hash out the good, the bad, and the ugly in a full review of the film.  Will and Ryan give their review of the latest installment into the DC film universe, and determine if Suicide Squad is worth checking out.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

First Part:

To start out the show, Ryan went into an “Airing of Grievance” over movie critics, and the swarm of bad buzz going into Suicide Squad.  As it has come up in previous episodes on the show, the guys dive into the issue with allowing a critic to see a movie before hand.  The debate came up of whether critics in general have issue with DC film, seeing as Marvel Studios has been well received by critics in the past.

Will also went and saw “Jason Bourne,” giving his two cents over this latest installment in the Bourne saga.  As both Ryan and Will agreed, this film seemed like one nobody asked for.  Will laid out the good, along with many issues he had with the film, and whether it was worth checking out.

Main Part:

In the review of Suicide Squad, Will and Ryan discussed everything from pre-screening expectations, to how well Jared Leto did as the joker… especially after filling very big shoes left by Heath Ledger.  They discussed the story, the acting, and where they felt things could have been better/different.

So what did you think of Suicide Squad?  Did Jered Leto perform well as the Joker?  Are you excited at all to see another DC film? Get into conversation at

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Credits: Hosts: Will Hatton and Ryan Bennett

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