Geek Revolution Radio #170 – Matt Damon

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny Matt Damon has been in a long list of impressive films.  From “Good Will Hunting” to “The Martian,” there is plenty to applaud.  In this weeks episode, the guys continue their “Actors we love series,” and pay tribute to Matt Damon.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon


Part 1 – Matt Damon

His off-camera persona, and maybe a crudely made puppet of him in “Team America World Police”…

…has given Matt Damon a “lesser than” quality.  Maybe it’s not so much his off-camera persona, but just a goofy demeanor seen on and off camera.  The truth is, he has been in plenty of great films.  Over the last three decades, Matt Damon has made a number of great films.  Every actor is going to have a handful of mediocre films (the first one that comes to mind is The Great Wall), but it’s the top notch films we remember.

Some of our more memorable, or favorite films include Good Will Hunting, which has been discussed a number of times on the show, specifically when we did our Robin Williams episode.  The other films that were heavily discussed were The Departed and The Martian, both of which are great in for different reason.  Dogma may be one of Damon’s funniest performances, which may come in part with his appearances in a number of Kevin Smith films.  The Ocean 11 series also saw a number of great performances from the man of the hour.


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