Geek Revolution Radio #164 – Logan

For seventeen years, Hugh Jackman has been a show of force portraying the beloved Wolverine.  With what will most likely be his last time wearing the claws, “Logan” is a dark and gritty tale.  In this weeks episode, we review the film and discuss where it compares to other X-Men films.



Part 1 – Intro

To kick off the show, the guys welcomed back guest Cindy Bennett.  You can find some of her work at

Will gave a brief review of the new FX show Legion.  With only five episodes in, this could be the big hit of 2017.  With comparisons to Stranger Things, this is definitely one of Will’s favorite new shows.

Ryan gave his review of the new Nintendo Switch.  With incredible features, including the capability of taking your game on the road, this new console is a great option for gamers.

The guys also discussed their frustrations with the Daylight Savings time shift, questioning why we still practice this worthless switch.

In their Star Wars discussion segment, the guys discussed Jar Jar Binks, asking if the character is the worst in the Star Wars universe.  Despite his importance in the plot of Episode 3, everyone agreed that Binks is truly annoying.

Part 2 – Logan

The last installment of the “Hugh Jackman” era of Wolverine was an incredible ride.  All agreed, Logan is not like any other superhero film.  With its dark and gritty story, that often feels just as much a gritty western as it does superhero action flick, the guys enjoyed many aspects of the film.

The guys also discussed the R rating for “Logan” and what this means for the future of super hero films.  With another success at the box office, Logan and Deadpool show that the fanbase are committed to darker and edgier films.

The guys also discussed an interesting connection between “Logan” and “The Wolverine”, where Yukie predicted Logan’s death, saying “I see you on your back, there’s blood everywhere. You’re holding your own heart in your hand.”

Many critics, filmmakers and historians have referred to the modern superhero genre as the modern western.  Drawing similarities in popularity.  Some suggesting, like westerns, superhero movies will lose popularity and go away.  This film almost nods to the notion that the two genres are similar, and can be seen in its references to “Shane” a 1953 western about a man forced to kill to protect others.  The explored if “Logan” is just as much a western just as it is a superhero movie.


So what do you think did you think of “Logan”?  Is this the best performance by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?  Is Jar Jar Binks truly the worst character in the Star Wars universe?  Get into conversation at

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Hosts: Will Hatton and Ryan Bennett

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