Geek Revolution Radio #163 – Infinity War

With over 400 days until Avengers: Infinity War comes out, now is the best time to start talking about it right?  Well with production under way, there is plenty to discuss as we lead up to the big movie.  We look at where we are now in the “overall” story, where each infinity stone is currently located before the film comes out, and what we expect for what could be Marvel Studios biggest project to date.

Infinity War

Infinity War

Part 1 – Intro

To start off the show, Ryan took time to announce the birth of his second child Cersei, and how lucky he is that both of his daughters Cersei and Khaleesi are sleeping through the night without an issue.

The guys also discussed the Oscars, and what they think of the nominees for best picture, who got snubbed, and what they think of the awards overall.  Be sure to list for the movie the guys think will ‘probably’ win, and which movie the guys think should win.

Part 2 – Infinity War

What really inspired this weeks episode was the teaser featurette for the start of production for Infinity Wars.   I could write all about it, or just show it… so here ya go:

The guys mostly focused on where each stone is, where we were first introduced, and what they think will likely happen to the stone leading to Infinity War.  A lot of discussion was on Thanos, and what role the infinity gauntlet will play.  They also debated where we’ll see his big “take over.”

To break down the infinity stones, the first stone introduced is the “Space Stone” or the Tesseract.  This was the first stone to show up, which was key in the first Avengers film.

The next stone introduced is the “Reality Stone” or “The Aether,” which is the red viscous liquid seen Thor 2. It is a mysterious force that existed before the birth of the nine realms.  

In the second Avengers movie, the third stone is the “Mind Stone” plays a big role in the film.  It was essentially what was used to create Vision, and currently resides on Visions forehead.  

The fourth stone is the “Power Stone”, which was a key piece to the Guardians of the Galaxy.  The fifth stone is the “Time Stone”, which (spoiler) played a big part of the Doctor Strange film.  

Finally, is the “Soul Stone”, which hasn’t been seen officially yet.  While we know little about the soul stone, you can believe it will be almost certainly be a big deal in which ever film it shows up in.  The guys debated about which film we’ll see this one in, and whether Thanos already has it.


So what do you think will win “Best Picture at the Oscars?  What are you most excited for with the upcoming Infinity War film?  Our last piece of discussion was on who will die in Infinity Wars, so who do you think will get the ax?  Get into conversation at

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Hosts: Will Hatton and Ryan Bennett

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