Geek Revolution Radio #160 – 2016 Geek Awards

With 2016 coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on the best the year had to offer.  With great movies and great television, there was plenty of things to geek out over.  This week, Will and Ryan go list the best of the best in the 2016 Geek Awards.

2016 Geek Awards

2016 Geek Awards

Part 1 – 2016 Geek Awards

The guys got right into what they considered the best of the year, giving “Geek Awards” for their favorite podcast, talk show, video game, comic, new album, new show, tv show episode, tv show, and lastly favorite movie.  The year was full of great television, and great movies, so choosing was difficult at times.

Damien Rice:

Part 2 – Tribute to Carrie Fisher

To end the show, Will and Ryan expressed the great sadness that has been felt following the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing.  The guys give tribute to all that she was great for.  We’re going to miss Carrie Fisher, but her force will always be with us.

So what was your favorite from 2016?  Did we forget or miss anything from the year?  Get into conversation at

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Hosts: Will Hatton and Ryan Bennett

Intro Song: “What You Want” composed by Kevin McLeod , licensed under Creative Commons

Interlude Song: “Thief in the Night” composed by Kevin McLeod , licensed under Creative Commons

Credit Song: “Riptide” composed by Kevin McLeod, licensed under Creative Commons

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