Geek Revolution Radio #157 – Saga Comic Series

If you take a little from Star Wars, a little from Game of Thrones, and a little from Romeo and Juliet, and throw in a little acid, then you’ve got the recipe for “Saga”.  Simply described, the Saga comic series is an epic space opera/fantasy, but it is very high on the epic and fantasy scale.  With deep ties to family and the exploration of young family hood, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga is arguably one of the best graphic novels out there.  This week is all about the fantastical world of Saga, and why we love it so much.


Saga Comic Series

Saga Comic Series

Part One – Intro

To kick off the show, the guys talked about the news about FX bringing on Michael Green to serve as showrunner for an upcoming Y: The Last Man television series.  It appears that the show is moving even closer to reality.  The guys discussed potential casting and what they hope for in the show.  It is exciting none the less to see that after a long time, with many ups and downs in development, that Y: The Last Man is finally moving towards actual production.

Will also gave a review of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.  With a new story added to wizarding world, this story is a fine addition.  Overall Will was pleased with the new movie, but tried to give an earnest effort in being critical.  As a friend asked him, between “Arrival” and Fantastic Beasts, which one should they see, the answer is almost a coin toss, both being good in its own right. Take a listen to hear will’s full review, and whether its worth checking out.

Part Two – Saga

Both Ryan and Will have high praise for Saga, for its incredible story telling and fantastic world that it presents.  This series explores so much of the human condition, which is unique for its non-human characters.  The guys had a lot to say about why the love the series, and that there is so much to love.  As both Ryan and Will have young families, a story that revolves around a young family and their struggles was easily relatable.  This series is definitely an adult series, as it explores sexuality and violence in unique ways.

With a series early in its run, there is still so much to explore, which is exciting for a fan to still have much more to enjoy.  The guys discussed how comic book form is the perfect medium for this series, and how they couldn’t picture it being turned into a TV show or movie.  It is too fantastical and wild to be captured with due dilegence to the original content.


Are you a big fan of Saga too?  Who is your favorite character?  Know of another series out there worth reading? Get into conversation at

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Hosts: Will Hatton and Ryan Bennett

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