Geek Revolution Radio #167 – 40 Years of Star Wars

As we just learned, and as Luke would say: Just breath.   Can you contain your smile after the trailer for The Last Jedi was released?  Star Wars Celebration gave us plenty to be excited for, and if you’re like us, it has taken 10 plus days to process all the pure and total elation following the celebration.  On this week’s episode, we discuss the new Last Jedi trailer, highlights from the Star Wars Celebration, and a lengthy discussion on the prequels.  With each new bit of information that comes out, even the prequels have new revelations.

40 Years of Star Wars

40 Years of Star Wars

Part 1 – Intro

To kick off the show, Will gave a review of the new movie “Colossal,” staring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis.  Not your typical giant monster movie, Colossal deals with a great deal of metaphor, with many connections to an ongoing battle with alcoholism.  Without giving too much away, Will definitely recommends this odd and yet pleasant sci-fi indie film.

The guys also discussed the new Netflix show “13 Reasons Why.”  With plenty of online support and outrage, they guys weighed in on how the feel about the series.  Both Will and Ryan address online “fake” outrage, that often comes with popular trends like seen with this show.  Questioning how much you can really know about the effects of a show without actual scientific research.

It’s easy to line up 10 doctors who agree with you, just as it is to find 10 who disagree, but true study requires years of research.  It does us no good to jump at the first sign of discord.

Part 1 – 40 Years of Star Wars

If you didn’t know, we’re super nerds when it comes to Star Wars.  With the commencement of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Will and Ryan spent the majority of this episode reflecting on 40 years of Star Wars.  From the new trailer for The Last Jedi to the tribute for Carrie Fisher, there was a lot of great things going on in Orlando.  We breakdown the trailer, and give a few predictions for the upcoming film.

Ryan had a chance to go back and watch the prequels, and came across a number of things that stand out, many of which stand out from information we got from the Star Wars Celebration.   With the new age of Disney, simple and unnoticed things in the prequels have the guys excited.

With 40 great years of Star Wars, there’s little doubt the next 40 years will be a hit.


So what has you most excited for The Last Jedi?  What was the best part of the Star Wars Celebration?  Get into conversation at

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